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Our Goal

We believe that by educating about exotic animals while in the presence of them will create a unique experience and much more interest in protecting these species from depredation and future extinction. Their world is so complex yet so fascinating that our idea to let you see how they eat and behave combined with an introduction to their world will not only build a more conscious awareness about these amazing species,  but also make you a future protector of these inhabitants of our planet. They need our help and understanding their habitat will help give you the knowledge and the power to champion their cause for survival.

Meet the Family

Add an unforgettable, unique experience to your event with an up close encounter of some special animals you never imagined to be so close to. Our family consist of Speedy the two toed sloth, Lala the ring tailed  lemur, Wally the wallaby, Daisy the sugar glider, Apple the yellow shouldered amazon, Oreo the skunk, Tiny the 7 foot Colombian boa, Rocky the mata mata turtle and Jimmy  the cherry head tortoise where you can watch them be fed, observe their behavior and learn some interesting facts.

General Information

  • Available 7 days a week for any occasion or event. Flexible with time. We work to fit in your schedule. Call or email for reservations. Payments at location prior to start time. Payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, cash. Licensed and insured. We speak Spanish.


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